Pergine and the white lady's castle

Valsugana has many legends, among them there's the most famous one which is undoubtedly that of the Dama Bianca di Pergine (White Lady of Pergine), just 10 minutes away from Lake Caldonazzo. A long time ago, during Medieval times, Pergine was under the rule of a violent and power-hungry tyrant. The tyrant treated those around him harshly and violently, and no one could escape this treatment, not even his wife. In fact, the tyrant had a beautiful wife, with golden hair, skin so white like a freshly picked orchid and deep eyes. The tyrant allowed her to leave the walls of the castle only once a month and never alone. In fact she had to be accompanied by her lady-in-waiting and by the armigers
The Lady was a prisoner in her own home, which, in time, she had come to hate.

Originally from a small town in the Veneto region, the tyrant's wife was a free spirit, and the imprisonment she was forced to live in made her yearn for freedom. Hence, on a full moon night, the Lady, wearing a white silk dress, threw herself from the window of the dining room with one desperate leap. Still today, on full moon nights, in the windows and halls of Pergine castle you can see the fleeting shadow of a beautiful woman, dressed in white with long, loose hair. A beautiful and broken voice sings a sweet song, praising freedom with melancholy.


  • Pergine Schloss
  • The historic centre with Via Maier
  • The Church of San Cristoforo
  • The Museo della Scuola (School Museum)
  • Museum of Agricultural Tools
  • The Museo della Centrale Idroelettrica di Serso (Museum of Serso's Hydroelectric Plant)

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